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Friday, March 17, 2023

Frustrating platform.

I tried to use the Linux based platform on GC.  This am when I was required to add a storage account just to download my Firestore data I got teed.

I come from the MS environment.  RDMS are easy to grab your freeking data, no extra.

All the libraries and mods was annoying and things easily break if you try something unusal but kind of common.  MS side is better integrated so you do not get those sort of headaches.  

On the MS side, besides pricing, the only frustrations come from configuration with the web host.  If they do not keep up with the versioning you can run int osome trouble untl they do.

It is difficult to get really cheap pricing on the MS side but, the reliability and agility gains may be worth the extra cost.  They offer free levels but you can easily eat that up before the month is over.

My main fear is to have too much cost with no income.  That is the only reason I stayed away from the MS Azure.  I'll try some of the more client side tricks I read about years ago to see if they are relevant in keeping the cost down.  Until income some $30 per month is the most I'd be able ot asorb.

Once you learn the MS it makes sense and becomes easy and logical.  You won't have all these different libraries by so many non related makers that clash when you try something a little funky.

Security is very important.  If you can delegate the secuity to a big sw house for free or extremely low costs that would be idea.  It is easy to get hacked and to implement super secuity is hard so delegation helps keep your code and users secure.

I'm writing this while completely teed so it might not be as coherent as intenteded.